Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Loss Of Two Princeton Elms

Not only have the gardens lost the beautiful tree 'Chitalpa tashkentensis', see yesterday's blog entry, but two Elm trees have had to be cut down recently. Following heavy overnight rain on the 26th May, the team, upon their arrival the following morning, were greeted with the sad sight of one of the Princeton Elms having been badly damaged.

The damage caused by the heavy rain meant that the tree had to be cut down immediately. This loss, along with one of the other two remaining Princeton Elms which was dying, leaves just one of these Elms in the garden

Following their removal, the roots were ground out, leaving two empty tree circles in the lawn where they once stood. Joss spent this morning repairing the lawn by changing the circles to squares, filling the areas with top soil and laying turf on top before setting up a sprinkler to water the newly laid turf in.  

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