Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Seven Christmas Santa Hats

It's the last week of work for the team before the Christmas break begins. Dressed in their Christmas Santa hats, Graham's hat plays a Christmas song whilst the rest of the team have just flashing pom poms, they have spent the last two days in the Provost's garden.

Yesterday was spent pruning the many old fashion roses that fill the ten beds, as well as clearing all the autumn leaf fall that still covered the soil. Today was spent planting two hundred tulips bulbs into the beds, 100 'China Pink' and 100 'National Velvet', adding to the few hundred already in the beds from previous year's plantings.

Once all the bulbs had been planted, the beds were forked through, weeded and edged. Whilst the rose beds were titivated, Joss gave the big lawn its last cut before he applies a winter granular feed tomorrow.

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