Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wrapped Up Using A Butcher's Knot

Although there still seems to be no sign of the first frosts in Oxford, the hardy banana Musa basjoo, the only banana to be left outside in the winter, were wrapped up today.

In previous years there has only one plant to wrap up, but this year there are another three, usually taken into the greenhouse but now are far too big to dig up and move.

Kieron, with Anna our student volunteer, spent the morning wrapping all the plants, now looking like stalagmites or pillars of salt rising out of the herbaceous border, safe for the winter, they hope. (Interesting note, look at the carefully tied string, it's a 'Butcher's Knot', the banana plants wrapped up like pieces of meat ready for roasting, there must be an ex chef amongst the team!)

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