Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Making Fresh Apple Juice

As the apples were being picked in the orchard, a demonstration, on a much smaller scale than the press used at Waterperry, was given throughout the day to show the process from fruit to juice. First apples were cut into pieces and placed into a crusher. 

The crank handle is turned crushing the fruit by a series of serrated rollers and hooked blades, dropping into a tray below.

The crushed apple is then tipped into the oak pressing cage. Pressing plates are then placed over the fruit and secured in place with a large iron nut.  

The iron bar is turned, pushing the plates down, squeezing the crushed apple and causing the juice to flow out into the base plate , then into the bucket or a waiting cup.

Graduates from the MCR (Middle Common Room) were shown the process at the end of their garden tour along with receiving samples of the fruit used and the juice. Passing students were given the refreshing juice as they passed the demonstration.

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