Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Sharp Frost

The gardeners arrived in to work only to find the water pipes into the tea shed had frozen meaning no tea or coffee to start the day, not an acceptable situation, even the cob webs were frozen! Needless to say, the problem had to be rectified to stop it happening again, so Kieron set about lagging this important bit of pipe work. In this weather the gardeners have to keep warm on the inside and out, not to worry you, but another source of water was found in the meantime.   

On another note, a flock of Redwings were spotted on the sportsfield along the Nelson Street path, not seen in the college since 13th January 2010, see blog entry 'Redwings and a Parakeet', it must have been cold out in the countryside for them to venture into the college grounds.

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