Wednesday, 8 August 2012

At The Top Of The Tallest Ladder

This year it was decided that the 'Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' was in need of a heavy prune rather than the light prune in previous years. The top had got very thick, and having waited for the family of Goldfinches to fledge, the hard prune started yesterday. Most roses are pruned early to mid winter, but the banksiae, flowering in April/May, is pruned after it finishes flowering.

Located at the back of the herbaceous border, the longest ladder is required to reach the thick part of the rose, the top. Having to prune it at this time of year causes a problem as the herbaceous plants are in full flower and the ladder has to reach across the border without causing too much damage. By the end of the day it has been reduced in size and thickness and should be more manageable for the coming few years.

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