Monday, 11 June 2012

A Gardener's Tea Shed Is His Castle

'An Englishman's home is his castle', well for the gardeners, the saying should be 'a gardener's tea shed is his castle'. Our place of refuge, tea and lunch break and during 'Monsoon June' our place to repeatedly dry off.
Our lovely shed has been broken into, see blog entry 'Break In' dated 26th April 2011, had its roof ripped off, see blog entry 'Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String' dated 18th November 2009 and had a new roof, see blog entry 'Fiddlers On The Roof' dated 25th November 2009.
Today, during our lunch break and more heavy rain fall, we noticed water dripping down a wall and upon investigation, found that the gutters were full of leaves that had fallen from the Holm Oak trees that surround the shed. Ady, in the rain, cleared all the leaves from the gutters and the water is now being kept to the outside of the shed, the gardeners staying dry inside. 

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