Monday, 16 April 2012

The Nursery Is Reclaimed

Following the Easter break the team returned to the nursery reclamation project, apart from this blogger who was enjoying her extended Easter break. They spent all of last week working on the project starting with the removal of the thick ivy that had grown along the wall. Four wooden raised beds were made to identical measurements and placed on the newly levelled area.

Once in place the area around the new beds was levelled again ready for the grass seed to be sown. However, having looked at the area, and the sunny south facing wall, it was decided that a hard standing area for a bench should be built for tired gardeners to sit on at the end of the day.

After a further review, the need for a tap nearer to the beds was agreed upon, so a trench was dug along the base of the wall to connect it to the nearest source of water. With the trench filled back in, a few grape vines were then planted along the base of the wall.
Once the bench had been put in place, the grass seed was sown, sunshine and rain is now required.

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