Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A New Stone Edge

At the start of the day Callum and Graham laid the new stone out along the path to make sure we had enough before Simon and Kieron begin to cement them in place.
Graham then spent the day mixing the cement providing a steady supply for the two stone layers.

By the end of the day, dispite a few rain showers, the entire front edge had been completed leaving the corner to be finished tomorrow.

Whilst the new stone edging was being laid, Ali spent the time in the greenhouse potting up the 29 pots of cuttings that had been taken out of the mist unit last week. Acclimatised to their new conditions, these young plants are ready to be placed into their own pots allowing them room to grow. Early next year they will be potted up again into larger pots before being used in next summers display.

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