Wednesday, 8 June 2011

An Old Cedar Tree

The sound of the chainsaw has been heard echoing amongst the machinery sheds at the back of the Nuffield Lawn for most of the morning, not cutting down trees but creating pieces of sculpture from an old cedar tree that fell about six years ago. Simon is recreating the fallen tree and they way it splinters as it breaks into pieces. The first few large pieces are brought to the corner border using the New Holland tractor and its grab as they are too heavy for man alone.

Once at their position the sculptured wood sections are carefully lowered into holes and secured in place.

The plants are brought over from the greenhouse and placed into position, moved, placed and sometimes moved again until they are in the right place and then planted, (that's the fun part, playing with plants to create a new display). At the end of the day they are all watered in and we will all return tomorrow to continue creating this wonderful new display.

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