Thursday, 24 February 2011

All But One

The delivery arrived early this morning allowing the team to start the erection of the two new fences. Splitting into two teams, I don't think it was a race or a competition to see who could put up their fence the fastest or the straightest (or was it Simon?)

Simon worked with Joss and Ady (experienced in putting up fencing) whilst Kieron, master builder, worked with Ali and Joe (who had never put a fence up in their lives!)
Graham, who worked with both teams, also had the unenviable task of spending hours armed with the Kango chisel removing a three foot iron bar from three feet of cement, unfortunately it was in the exact spot a fence post needed to go, great work Graham.

By the end of another very industrious day, all but one panel and one fence post had been put in, but both teams had managed straight, level fencing, a draw I think. (Great experience and training for Ali and Joe too)

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