Friday, 16 July 2010

Going To Blow Your House Down

Apart from the rain, the very strong gusts of wind have brought about a small amount of damage. Conditions outside feel more like autumn, along with leaf fall, a large amount of twigs, sticks and small branches have fallen on to the large Nuffield lawn, all must be cleared up before Kieron can mow the lawn. Branches have snapped off heavily leaved trees and need to be removed to the chipper pile. The areas of damage, where the limb has split from the tree need to be tidied, so Simon, using the chainsaw, cleans the splits in order to help the tree to heal the open wound and to prevent disease.
Joe and Ali come across an unusual looking character as they prune the Ceanothus behind the Linbury Building, seen this time last year, this caterpillar will become a Vapourer Moth.

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