Friday, 18 June 2010

Making Things Smaller

A day of making things smaller, the wisteria on the back of the cottages and the Provost's box hedge.
Ali is given the task of cutting the hedge in the Provost's garden using a brand new pair of sharp hedge shears, a long piece of string and two bamboo canes. Once the string has been tied to the canes and placed along the length of the hedge the job can begin. At the end of a hot day the hedge is complete for another year.
At the rear of the 13th century cottages, behind the herbaceous border, are a number of wisteria in need of a reshape. The tops have grown further out than the lower sections creating a canopy of shade, therefore, reducing the number of flowers in these sections. Simon and Joe spent the day reducing the depth of the upper sections, hopefully, next year the wisteria will flower in an orderly fashion, creating a wonderful waterfall effect of blue flowers.

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