Monday, 8 February 2010

Broadwalk Repair

Over the winter months, the snow and the rain have caused an area of the Brodwalk to continually flood. Today Ady, Josh, Simon, Ali and Graham set about repairing the area by adding a new layer of hoggin to the path.

First, Simon broke up the old path using the grap on the front of the New Holland tractor, then he and Graham loaded the trailor with the hoggin and transported it to the area of the Broadwalk needing the new surface.
Ady, Josh and Ali spent the day shovelling the hoggin over the broken up path and raking it to recreate the camber of the original path in order to improve the drainage and prevent future flooding.

Once all the hoggin had been levelled, Ady, and then Graham, used the wacker plate to compress the hoggin and they now await the delivery of shingle to cover the broadwalk and restore it to its former glory.


  1. greetings intrepid garden gang! in virginia, at roanoke college, we are still waiting for our 18 inches of snow to melt--we are anxiously awaiting warmer winds next month for apple tree pruning. my greetings to simon. over and out for now. jon c cawley

  2. Thanks for all the hard work. This is my first time visiting the blog, and that makes me appreciate worcester a lot more!

    Keep it up =)