Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bodge It and Scarper Ride Again!

Yes...That's right ! Back by popular demand, and fresh from their triumphant squirrel proofing of the Peach house ., It's Mick and Ali and their mission to feed the College with the tastiest, juiciest Tomatoes in town ! The first step was to empty the house of all the plants and dig in some good,rich compost. Then Ali planted four different varieties she had grown from seed,they were ; Ailsa Craig, Sub-Artic Plenty, Harlequin and Golden Sunshine. A good watering in and the job is done, now its all down to the Summer sunshine to do the rest.....We live in hope !

1 comment:

  1. Are they all for eating fresh?

    Otherwise, for tomato sauce, the big thing is to:

    * put it shortly in boiling water to crack the skin
    * peal it off
    * and then let it simmer in olive oil (with choice other ingredients, I like starting the pan with garlic and onion) till the liquid is very reduced in volume.