Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Spring Colour

Due the recent success of producing the plants for the college Summer displays, the garden team decided, in July 2008, to produce the majority of plants for this years Winter/Spring display. Out came the Thompson & Morgan and Chiltern Seeds catalogues and seeds were then chosen by the team.

Polyanthus, Bellis and Viola
were chosen and sown in
their hundreds at the
beginning of August 2008.
At first this would seem
rather ambitious as
Polyanthus can be
rather eratic in germinating,
but Mick worked his magic
and the seeds responded
to his words of

Over the next few months the
young seedlings were
pricked out into individual
cells and hardened off in
coldframes to get them
ready for their planting

In October, they were planted out into their final positions in the garden. Wallflowers were bought in and Tulips also planted to enhance the displays. As we approach the middle of April, the gardeners hard work is starting to pay dividends and is producing a wonderful display. Over the next few weeks a riot of colour will be seen as you walk around the college. All the flowers in these photo's were just seeds in a packet six months ago.

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